Wednesday, February 18, 2015

PhoneGap: Part 1

How do you build an app both android and ios compatible knowing neither objective-c nor java? Having spent the last month plus learning javascript, phonegap seems the way to go.

The biggest challenges were setting up the required parts, knowing what was needed and where to get it from. First my system needed java, then node, and after downloading the tools package from the android developer website I found it was not sufficient. By the end of the day the $PATH was defined in freshly created .bash_profile's, one in the ~(home) directory and one in the local directory.

Note: This last point is cringe worthy, .bash_profile does not belong in the local directory of the app.  This folly exposed that I did not know where the fundamental unix files belong, or the effects of basic commands such as touch.

In the end I had emulated my app, with luck and some understanding of what I was doing. The next step is to review a UNIX tutorial, and traverse this process again.


  1. What is npm?
  2. What is ant
  3. What is avd
  4. What is the difference between PhoneGap and Cordova?

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